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We as kpop fans can come together when a certain group is up for a big international award but not when Korea as a country is dealing with a very tragic situation right now?

Please stop complaining about comebacks being delayed.

Please be considerate of those who have lost family members, have family members who are still missing and those who survived this heartbreaking event. 

Peoples lives were changed forever in a matter of a day. These people deserve to have the focus on them in their time of need. Whatever news that is released that is related to the ferry is much more important then any comeback. 

It’s called humanity. If you are more concerned about your bias group’s comeback being delayed then you are for human lives I suggest you reevaluate your priorities in life.

-Admin A


CL Receiving Death Threats From Muslims For Possible ‘MTBD’ Quran Verse On 2NE1 ‘Crush’ Album

After the recent success with 2NE1's new album “Crush,” controversy surrounding CL's solo song “MTBD" is boiling over rapidly due to allegations of verses from the Quran being used on the track.

Things appeared calm until a YouTube video was uploaded of CL doing a live performance of “MTBD” on the 2NE1 “All or Nothing" tour.

This particular video more than the actual song itself is receiving a lot of backlash as some people claim they can hear children in the background using something that could be similar to a melodic Quran verse.

Now, CL’s Instagram as well as the official 2NE1 Facebook page, YouTube channel, as well as Twitter is being inundanted with criticism towards the song.

Some are even making death threats toward CL, causing the 2NE1 leader to begin blocking people on Instagram.

If CL song ‘MTBD’ really contains recitations of the Quran, 2NE1 can say goodbye to their Malaysia World Tour concert,” writes KyaryHime on Twitter.

Any backlash honestly needs to be directed to the person making the production decisions on the song (Teddy) and perhaps the company (YG Entertainment),” writes Asian Junkie contributor IATFB.

"I honestly don’t get the specific death threats (‘chop you up into pieces,’ really?) and the reaction that consists of swearing her off forever. I generally empathize by putting myself into the situation of the other person, but even given the most insulting things I could think of, I couldn’t see myself being driven to such illogical rage.”

What do you think of this controversy? Is there Quran verse in “MTBD” or are Muslims and trolls overreacting?

Source: KpopStarz

Jackie Chan To Debut His New K-Pop Male Idol Group JJCC This Month


In the midst of the current debates surrounding the comeback success of some of the strongest acts in K-Pop, Jackie Chan announced the upcoming debut of his male idol group JJCC or Double JC. While small details regarding the group were announced back in February more were revealed on March 10. Although he is an actor, Jackie Chan was involved of all aspects of planning for the group which ranged from recruitment to the production of their album. Jackie Chan also admitted to being heavily involved in the training process for JJCC.

Jackie Chan recognizing the power of K-Pop while backstage with EXO at the Buidai Fei Dian Awards.

The 59-year old actor maintained childhood dreams of becoming a pop star, however, he grew up to become one of the most famous Asian actors in the world. Jackie Chan is classically trained in vocals and has actively performed Mandopop, as well as Cantopop. He is able to lend a unique perspective to the K-Pop industry due to the fact that he is not only a successful actor, but has also contributed to the soundtracks of his films.

Recognizing K-Pop’s potential as a global medium, Jackie Chan created JJCC which is comprised of four Korean members and one who is Chinese. The members of JJCC are in their twenties with their average height around 180 centimeters.

JJCC will debut in Korea prior to venturing into other markets, with an ultimate goal of entering the global music industry. A representative of The Jackie Chan Group Korea, the agency which will represent JJCC, stated “JJCC will amaze the world with its different music and charm that has never existed before.” The Jackie Chan Group Korea went on to emphasize that JJCC will definitely distinguish themselves from other K-Pop groups.

While other K-Pop idols are represented by executives that have made in-roads into the Korean music market such as Yang Hyun Suk, Lee Soo Man, and Park Jin Young, Jackie Chan has the most international recognition. Prior to achieving success as martial arts action star, Jackie Chan had the humble beginning of performing as a stunt man for Bruce Lee. The Hong Kong actor has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, as well as the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars. With his fame established firmly in the West, specifically in the United States, it will be interesting to see if Jackie Chan and JJCC will be able to further penetrate the American pop music market.

JJCC is scheduled to debut at a yet to be announced date in March. Is this the most appropriate time for a new group to debut, considering that the high level of talent that is currently promoting?

Source: KpopStarz

MBLAQ releases first round of teaser photos for ‘Broken’ album release!

The boys of MBLAQ will be coming back soon with their 6th mini-album, ‘Broken’!

J.Tune Camp kicked off the teaser cycle with tantalizingly suave photos for members Mir, Seung Ho, Lee Joon, G.O and Thunder. Looking absolutely dashing in their formal outfits, the photos will definitely arouse their fans’ excitement as they wait for the long-awaited comeback!

'Broken' will release on March 24. Stay tuned for more comeback news!

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Toheart’s Key and Woohyun are ‘Delicious’ in new MV

Toheart's Key and Woohyun have finally released the MV for their title track “Delicious" and it does not disappoint!

Fans will be happy to see the two well-known celebrity comrades acting like childhood friends as they sleep in outer space themed bunk beds and wear matching funky suits. They also act like brothers as they start getting into fights—particularly one over the same girl, it seems.  Apparently, they share everything from the same room to the same taste in women.

Check out their first collaborative MV above!  Whose flower would you accept?


Source: allkpop

4minute ask fans ‘What are you doing? this Monday’ while chillin’ in a ping pong pub

4Minute continue teasing for their upcoming ‘4Minute World' release with a week-long diary series. 

A short while ago Cube Entertainment posted on their Facebook, “The first day of the #4minute diary that will be released every day from today! What are you doing on #Monday #4minute #WhatAreYouDoing”, along with a series of photos tagged as ‘Monday @Ping Pong Pub’. The images show the girls enjoying what seems to be a fun time eating pub food. Fans were left anticipating what other good times the girls will show off for the rest of the week.

The release takes place on the 17th, but in the meanwhile, check out the cool pub photos of each of the members below!






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T-ara’s Jiyeon and Hyomin to release solo tracks in April

Looks like Queens can have something to look forward to soon, because T-ara's Hyomin and Jiyeon will each be releasing solo tracks!


According to insiders, both of them will be releasing solo tracks in April. They’re already confirmed for a solo debut, and they’re working on their songs right now. Jiyeon is currently working with Duble Sidekick and Sunmi's stylist, and Hyomin is working with Brave Brothers and T-ara’s stylist.

They’re thinking of having a different concept than their usual. An insider told Star News, “There is focus on the two to see what kind of musical power they’ll give through their first solo promotions where they can improve their genre and color, because they’ve been showing great talent in their groups. There’s still talk about whether they’ll be out at the same time or with a small time gap.

Are you looking forward to the release?

Source: allkpop

'Inkigayo' surprises Girl's Generation's Taeyeon with a birthday celebration on air

Girls’ Generation's kid leader Taeyeon recently turned 26, and she’s been besieged with well-wishes from both her friends and fans!

The celebration continued on yesterday’s episode of 'Inkigayo', where the hosts presented the birthday girl with a cake and a birthday song!

Check out the special moment below.

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2NE1 show powerful vocals in live performance of ‘If I Were You’

2NE1 released another live performance of a song off their latest album ‘Crush.’  This time they really impressed the crowd with their soulful and powerful vocals as they emotionally sang to “If I Were You.”

This song gave them a chance to show how their voices and singing skills have greatly matured over the years as each member hit the notes perfectly with the right amount of impact.  The emotions of the song were also portrayed wonderfully by not only their singing but also their facial expressions, proving that they know how to dominate the stage regardless of the musical genre.

Check out the performance above!


Source: allkpop

4minute ask if you’re free and willing to hang out in voice teasers for upcoming title track

4minute is starting to hint at the upcoming concept or theme with teasers in the form of sound clips! 

Released on Cube Entertainment's Soundcloud page, each of the members take turn to ask someone (perhaps a boyfriend or a guy they're interested in) if he is free today and if he'd be willing to go out for a cup of coffee, hang out, go on a date, or go see a movie.

From these clips, so far it seems the song will revolve around the theme of a girl who’s in love. The title track has been revealed to be, ‘What Are You Doing Today?’, which explains why each of the girls ask this question in their sound teasers. 

However we won’t know for certain how the actual song will sound like until the release of their 5th mini album ’4minute World’, for which they have once again joined hands with Brave Brothers.

The release takes place on the 17th, but in the meanwhile, take a listen to the voices of each of the members below!

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EXO’s Kris, Luhan, and Kim Soo Hyun to join the Chinese version of ‘We Got Married’?

EXO's Kris and Luhan just may be having an on-screen relationship soon!


According to insiders in the Chinese industry, China’s Hubei TV has partnered up with CJ E&M to create a Chinese version of the well-loved ‘We Got Married’. The show will be called “If We’re In Love”, and will mainly feature Chinese and Taiwanese celebrities.

However, there are also rumors that Kris and Luhan might be on the show, as well as actor Kim Soo Hyun. 2PM's Nichkhun and f(x) may also appear on the show to promote the show more.


Would you like to see EXO and Kim Soo Hyun on this new show?

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Girls’ Generation talk about their comeback, boyfriends & more during their guerilla date

The ladies of Girls’ Generation were next up on Guerilla Date and as expected, the crowd of fanboys went wild with their confessions of love for the members, while the girls excitedly talked about their comeback with “Mr.Mr”!

On the March 8 broadcast of 'Entertainment Relay', the reporter asked Girls’ Generation who braved through the cold weather to see their fans, "It looks like you’ve prepared a lot [for your comeback], what was the aspect you were concerned about the most?" Taeyeon shared her group’s confidence in their dancing, “Of course, if you think of Girls’ Generation, it’s our sharp-as-a-knife choreography so we focused on that a lot.”

When asked, “How was your stage today?”, Sooyoung shared, “I don’t think we’ve made many mistakes during our stage today”, to which Hyoyeon added with her usual blunt personality, “I was busy doing my part that I didn’t look at the others.” The reporter also asked, "Sooyoung sshi is getting prettier everyday. Why do you think Sooyoung is getting prettier?"Yuri cutely answered with aegyo, “Because she is receiving love”, referring to Sooyoung’s boyfriend Jung Kyung Ho.

When asked, “For the first time since your debut, you performed with male dancers. Who was the person that liked it the most?”, Hyoyeon shared, “We all liked it equally.”

The reporter complimented Sooyoung who fed him, “You are so feminine. Someone must be very happy.” The reporter then gave them some advice, “There really needs to be a person who you can open your heart to. Who is that person for YoonA?” YoonA shared, "Me? I also have my family, friends…" The reporter tried to get YoonA to mention her boyfriend Lee Seung Gi and asked, ”Anyone else? Is it that person who came out on the ‘Entertainment Relay’ news?” YoonA shared, “I don’t know who you’re talking about”, wanting to change the subject with her shy laughter.

Check out their guerilla date below!

Source: allkpop

100% send Minwoo off to army, Sanghoon bursts into tears

At around 1PM KST today, March 4, 100% leader Minwoo enlisted in army to receive his basic training before serving as an active-duty soldier. Fans and 100% members come to send him off bringing cake and banner.

Despite of members crying, Minwoo showed his smile and faced the media showing his shaved hair. Out of all members, Sanghoon couldn’t hide his tears and burst crying. It was reported previously that Sanghoon is leaving the group for personal reasons and thus won’t be joining 100% comeback in the middle of this month.

In the official photos, Minwoo is trying to comfort Sanghoon, who must be feeling the loneliest among the members, before entering Uijeongbu training camp. Minwoo is going to be released on December 3, 2015.

Meanwhile, anticipate 100%’s new album in the middle of this month with its remaining 5 members Rokhyun, Jonghwan, Chanyong, Changbum, and Hyukjin.

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MR.MR admits their song ‘Mr.Mr’ was meant to dis Girls’ Generation


Boy group MR.MR recently released a song entitled ‘Mr.Mr,’ which not only matched the group’s name but also matched Girls’ Generations latest title track, raising fans’ interest as well as some suspicions.

Regarding this connection to Girls’ Generation, a rep of MR.MR told Asia Economy on March 3, “The portion of netizens pointing out that MR.MR’s ‘Mr.Mr’ was dissing Girls’ Generation, who made a comeback with a song of the same name, is correct.

MR.MR is the first idol group to release a dis song like this and also to acknowledge that it is indeed a dis song.  ’Mr.Mr’ was released on February 28 and included lyrics like, “How could you do that when I’m right here? / Girl, you come out so easily from behind the curtain / Not me, but another mistake, Mr.Mr / I bet you’re amused by my embarrassment,” and, “I become faint for a main like you / Am I loser and are you a winner? / We’re going the same path / I must have looked small from your high perch / Is that why you did that to me?

This song made many people suspicious about whether the boys were addressing Girls’ Generation in the lyrics.  

MR.MR’s rep said, “Isn’t it a violation of ethics in the music industry to openly use an existing group’s name for content in a song?  We deliberately put in that topic and the lyric’s ‘disses.’”


Source: allkpop

Soyu, JungGiGo, 2NE1, and Girls’ Generation top Instiz chart for first week of March 2014

The Instiz chart combines the overwhelming variety of charts that South Korea uses to rank music sales, and it’s also what fans use to determine whether their favorite artist has achieved an “All-Kill”.

Check out the chart rankings for the first week of March (February 24 to March 2) below!

Instiz Chart Singles Ranking

1. Soyu & JungGiGo ft. Lil Boi - “Some” - 38,750 Points

2. 2NE1 - “Come Back Home” - 28,799 Points

3. Girls’ Generation - “Mr.Mr” - 23,198 Points

4. 2NE1 - “Gotta Be You” - 18,715 Points

5. Sung Si Kyung - “Every Moment Of You” - 18,417 Points

6. Sunmi ft. Lena - “Full Moon” - 14,899 Points

7. CNBLUE - “Can’t Stop” - 14,891 Points

8. Idina Menzel - “Let It Go” - 11,810 Points

9. 2NE1 - “Crush” - 9,091 Points

10. 2NE1 - “If I Were You” - 8,838 Points


Source: allkpop

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